Terms & Conditions


  1. Rumahsewa is a provider for property rental services (including but not limited to rental services of houses, apartments, commercial buildings) with the use of web service portal namely www.rumahsewa.co. This web service provide the list and show property profile which made available for rent by the registered owner or party who manage them. This web service also facilitate owner and prospective tenant offer the price and schedule to take survey on property.
  2. Owner is the party which have ownership right or have attorney power as per the law to conduct renting agreement on the property. Next to be mentioned as "owner".
  3. Prospective tenant is the party who shows interest to rent the property by submit an offer and propose schedule to take survey to the owner through www.rumahsewa.co. Next, to be mentioned as "prospective tenant".
  4. Terms and Conditions are agreement between owner, Rumahsewa, and prospective tenant which contains a set of rule which govern rights, obligations, responsibility of owner, Rumahsewa, and prospective tenant, and procedure of service in www.rumahsewa.co.
  5. Users are the party who use the service of www.rumahsewa.co, include but not limited to prospective tenant, owner, or other party who just visit to www.rumahsewa.co.
  6. Property is the building which have physical form which can be settled, where the legal status of ownership are full responsibility of the owner.
  7. Official account is bank account owned by Rumahsewa which use for transaction of payment. This official account is showed in the website page www.rumahsewa.co/payment.

Account, Password and Security

  1. User hereby declare that he or she is a person who are capable and able to be bind into a legal agreement.
  2. Rumahsewa does not charge the user any fee for registration.
  3. Users who had been signed up, can act as:
    • Prospective Tenant
    • Owner, by using the facility of property listing
  4. Rumahsewa can register any user, with the approval of user through audio communication (phone or mobile phone), where the password being created by Rumahsewa and user shall change the password immediately. Any damage or loss which caused by negligence of user to change password are solely responsibility of the user.
  5. Rumahsewa without any notice to the user, have the right to take any action to what suspected as violation of this term and condition or any applicable law, which include removal of property listing, user account suspension, and/or deletion of user account permanently.
  6. Rumahsewa has the right to know user’s private information to verify his/her profile background, to avoid any attempt of legal/law violation. Private information which Rumahsewa deemed to know are full name, mobile phone number, profession, and ID Card No.If someday, mismatching among the datas are found, Rumahsewa has the right to remove the user account, or suspend it temporarily or permanently.
  7. Users are prohibited to create, and/or use devices, software, feature and/or other service which aims to manipulate the system of www.rumahsewa.co, including but not limited to:
    1. manipulation of property listing data;
    2. crawling/scraping;
    3. automation transaction, promotion, etc;
    4. any other activity which reasonably considered as system manipulation.
  8. Account duplication, or any other activity which considered as unfair activity is prohibited.
  9. Users are solely responsible to keep confidentiality of its password for any activity inside users account.
  10. Users hereby declare that Rumahsewa is not responsible of any loss or damage which caused by misuse of user account.

Property Listing

  1. By becoming registered user at website www.rumahsewa.co, user have right to access and use facility of www.rumahsewa.co to input data and information about his/her property.If users already taken confirmation by clicking "submit" button, then the user have status as "owner".
  2. Data and information can be input by Rumahsewa with the approval of users with confirmation via phone or mobile phone.
  3. Validity of data and information recorded into the system are solely responsibility of the owner. Rumahsewa cannot be sued due to invalid information given by user.
  4. Information of owner’s property will be put online on the website of www.rumahsewa.co and can be seen by users and non-users after verification of data. Owner will receive notification via text message (sms) that property datas are already online on the www.rumahsewa.co.
  5. Besides being shown in website www.rumahsewa.co, property information will be published also at 3rd party website to gain wider audience. Within two (2) hours after verification, datas and informations of owner’s property will be shown on 3rd party advertising website. Owner will receive notification via text message (sms) that property datas are already online on 3rd party website. By proceeding to use our services, property owner is agreed that his/her property information is published at 3rd party website.
  6. Owner can check the link to his/her advertising page on 3rd party website in the www.rumahsewa.co.
  7. Owner cannot perform any change to his/her property’s data and informations, except data of "rent price" and "limit of the rent price". However, this change can only possible if owner not accept any incoming offer yet.
  8. Owner is prohibited to duplicate listing of the same property. Rumahsewa has the right to remove the listing which are identified as duplication from the system of www.rumahsewa.co.

Propery Data Verification

  1. In order to increase quality of the services and avoid any misuse of data and information, then Rumahsewa has the right to conduct interview with property owner and asking a survey to the property (if necessary), to check consistency between the data & information given by owner and the real condition of the property.
  2. If inconsistency found, Rumahsewa has the right to suspend data and information of the property, and remove ads from 3rd party advertising website, until the data and information is corrected as per the real condition of the property.
  3. Owner shall sign survey result form of Rumahsewa to declare that his property are surveyed and its condition is checked.
  4. Property which are surveyed and checked will be marked as "verified" in www.rumahsewa.co and also ads in the 3rd party website.

Managing and Conducting Survey

  1. One of the feature in www.rumahsewa.co is that prospective tenant can propose a schedule to take survey on the property directly to owner, online. This feature called "set appointment". Only the registered and logged in user can access this feature. Set appointment can only be accessed if user input rent price offer for the property.
  2. Owner will receive notification through text message (sms) or web or email if any offer and appointment proposed. Owner shall response the proposed schedule thru website www.rumahsewa.co within 6 hours after notification. Automatic response as rejection will be sent by the system if owner does not response within 6 hours.
  3. Owner have right to reject offer and appointment without any reason.
  4. If the owner accept the appointment and survey, owner can still cancel the appointment at the latest 24 hours before the schedule. If the owner do cancellation, cancellation cannot be done less than 3 working days before the accepted schedule. If at the agreed time, prospective tenant cannot take survey due to in absence of owner (no show), Rumahsewa has a right to supend the owner account as warning.
  5. Owner can also propose re-schedule, at the latest 3 working days before original appointment schedule. Prospective tenant can reject the new proposed schedule, hence the survey is canceled.
  6. Representative of Rumahsewa has the right to accompany prospective tenant taking the survey if necessary.

Reporting Decision After Survey

  1. After prospective tenant take survey and meet with owner, prospective tenant shall report to Rumahsewa thru the feature in www.rumahsewa.co his/her decision to rent or not the property at the latest 8 hours after survey schedule. If within 8 hours, prospective tenant is not giving response/decision, the system will automatically declare that prospective tenant decide not proceed to rent.
  2. If prospective tenant declare proceed to rent, then owner must give the response thru the feature in www.rumahsewa.co, at the latest 2 hours after receive notification from the system. If owner do not give any response within 2 hours, then system automatically generate response as reject. If the owner reject, then for the property with "verified" status, booking fee will be refunded to the prospective tenant.
  3. If the owner accepted a prospective tenant, then automatically system reject other prospective tenant. This system decision cannot be contested.
  4. The owner have no access to declare accepting offer if there is no prospective tenant agreed to proceed for the rent. However, owner has access to declare rejection, 2 hours after survey schedule without waiting prospective tenant confirmation. Owner have the right to accept or reject which cannot be contested for any reason. If the owner already accept prospective tenant offer then prospective tenant is attached legally through this terms and condition to finish transaction as per the agreed offering price.

Special Agreement Between Rumahsewa and Owner

  1. By clicking agree button, owner agree to obey this terms and conditions, also bonded within agreement with Rumahsewa. Violation of clauses within this section could results to lawsuit to the owner of the property.
  2. The owner agree that his/her personal contact number (phone number, mobile phone, and other contacts (WhatsApp, Instagram, email, or Facebook account) are not to be exposed. All communication intended to the party which registered in system of www.rumahsewa.co will go through facilities provided by Rumahsewa.
  3. Owner is not allowed to do direct communication to the prospective tenant which is registered in www.rumahsewa.co.
  4. If the owner get a tenant, which is outside registered user in www.rumahsewa.co, he/she shall report to Rumahsewa by updating his/her property status as "rent".

Service Charge

  1. Rumahsewa does not charge any fee for standard feature services. However, Rumahsewa has "featured service" which charge a fee. Owner which use this "featured service" will get the following advantage:
    • Priority to be shown on first page of the search result, if the property profile match with the search cirteria.
    • Periodically pops-up in slide bar column.
    • Get a sign of "recommended" in the comparison page.
  2. Fee for this featured serice is IDR 50,000/property. The fee is counted for listing the property up to when its rent by some one.

Property Rental Price

  1. Property rental price is set by the owner or the property manager. Owner can change the price any time, as long as no offer accepted by the owner in the system of www.rumahsewa.co.
  2. Owner or manager agree that typology error which cause price tag or other information become irrelevant is responsibility of the owner or manager.